Coolroom (2006)

Partnering with Universal Pictures, Intel and BT was a trailblazing 3D environment; a multi-media, multi-platform digital store retailing Hollywood movies, TV & kids shows, sport, music and more. It was available online and as a preloaded IPTV channel on Microsoft Windows enabling users to navigate a virtual representation of a hi-tech apartment and browse digital content. The simulation allowed users to watch rich content including cinema trailers, DVD downloads, deleted scenes and cast interviews. Users could customise their 3D Coolroom by uploading and displaying personal media such as pictures and videos.

I programmed the 3D world using Director/Lingo and implemented an A* pathfinding algorithm for automatic navigation. The original concept was for the 3D environment to feature in phone boxes that would allow people to access content on-the-go (this was in the days before mobile phones were 3G connected). In fact it only had a limited trial run before that part of the project was shelved due to limitations in the power supply to the kiosks. Coolroom was named in the “Britain’s Digital Elite” awards sponsored by Real Business magazine and Microsoft. The service was highly commended in the “Taking on the Big Guys” category (2006).