Ford Hanover AR Billboard


Leading London experience agency Imagination contracted me to create this large format interactive AR billboard as part of their activation for Ford’s Hanover trade show in 2018. The digital billboard is housed in a rotating floor-mounted cabinet equipped with a rotational sensor. Data from the sensor is ingested by the Unity app and used to determine the AR content on-screen. A high definition Black Magic camera mounted on the back of the screen captures live data from the exhibition floor space while 3D content is overlaid on top.

AR Billboard

On the front of the billboard the user has an ergonomic bar allowing easy rotation of the device thanks to a damped axle. While not in use a looped series of animations play as an attractor. When a user starts to interact with the device the content becomes interactive and simple mini-games are triggered.

Technical Considerations

In order to allow for accurate placement of the AR content on-site an admin interface was created allowing all 3D content to be calibrated left-right, up-down, in-out during setup. Videos were encoded using the .webm format to allow for transparency in Unity. Analytical data was produced through the course of the show and written to a timestamped .csv file to enable Ford to analyse usage statistics and engagement metrics.