Acer Olympic Pavilion

Olympic Park, London. June, 2012

Fast, Faster, Fastest at the Acer Olympic Pavilion.

In early 2012 I was approached by events specialists OpenPlatform to produce a massive multiplayer game to feature in the Olympic Pavilion of tech giants Acer. The concept was to showcase Acer’s range of tablets by using 8 of them to act as controllers for a 3 meter by 2 meter playing surface populated by cute avatars.

On entering the pavilion players would have their photos taken and be provided with an RFID card which would allow them to store points from their journey and compete for prizes awarded over the course of the exhibition run.

The game was built entirely with actionscript both for the playing surface (that leveraged the Starling framework for super-fast graphics rendering) and the tablet controllers (built on the AIR framework)